The School System Is Doomed For Failure - 2: Soham Anand

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It is incredible how young mature today physically and emotionally may be mentally too, but intellectually and spiritually, they remain starved.

We hardly had any exposure to the type of current generation in our times. We barely knew about sex in school. It was only in university we got to know some details about it. There wasn't any question about drinking or smoking. The word drug was restricted to drug and chemist stores.

Today's kids have sexual exposure even before they step out of teen. They are at ease with drinking, smoking and drugs. By sixteen or seventeen, they are grown up men and women. And if one goes to have physical relations, drug consumption and tobacco at the same time while in school, of course, the schools are bound to be doomed. 

Pressure from society, the school environment, the amusement industry, and social and digital media are instrumental factors for physical maturity. They help one grow physically at an astonishing speed. By the time they are 35, they are burnt out and spent force. The body starts showing signs of decay and deterioration, and they hit the pills. 

They neither have a childhood or a girlhood, continually at bay, in an exceedingly cooking pressure state of affairs. 

The human mind has to grow gradually and mature quietly to carry on and live a wholesome life. The process starts at school. Alas! It is just the other way around today.

There is something very sublime, rather an innocence, associated with schools. One learns only when one is vulnerable and innocence intact. We've lost that innocence today.

Our schools sound senseless and hollow, fated to be doomed without that innocence and sublimity.

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- Soham Anand, Dehra Dun, India. Originally posted on Facebook for friends and teachers.

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