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Almost every student becomes angry at some point in school. After all, anger is a normal human emotion. It is not a problem if a student becomes mad if he expresses his feelings appropriately. However, it is a problem if he says his anger in a hurtful way to peers or is disruptive to your class. A student who displays angry outbursts can throw a classroom into turmoil. He can also trigger intense feelings in you. Your challenge in working with a student whose emotional temperature often reaches the boiling point is to control your own emotions and those of the student. So to ease those feelings, we should consider talking to the students and settling their problems without frustration to maintain a healthy balance and relationship between the teachers and the students.

An incident of ninth graders promoted to class 10th.
Every student in the class decided to do rigorous practice for their board exam from the beginning. The children were excited about their Maths classes, but we know that children have different abilities in a class. When I started teaching, two and three children started asking fundamental questions from the beginning, which slowed down the class's momentum. My advice to children is always to work on their basics before coming to the class. Some students seemed unhappy and did not speak in the class the next day. One of the students stopped asking any questions, and the other student started troubling and disturbing the classes. This continued for 2 or 3 days and was a little unsettling for me because I want my students to grow immensely and equally. I approached the students outside of the class and asked them if something was wrong or if something troubling them. They, too, replied they were not able to understand Maths. I understood their problem and replied, "Don’t lose faith. I will help you take extra classes for you both to reach the class level and ensure that you score good marks in your exam”. Slowly and steadily, the children seemed to be getting the concept and were happy to see themselves go with the flow of the class. 

Laxmi Kant Bhatt
The Doon Girls' School Dehradun
JOL Cohort 2022

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