An Unhappy Child - Preeti Mahajan

My experience with the values of Happiness and Tolerance in the classroom.


The child was quiet and passive in the class. He did not interact much with his classmates and teachers. He was slow in his work and understanding; he was also quite irregular in attending school. 

Diagnosing the problem 

i. The child was politely asked about his family, parents, daily routine, and likes and dislikes. After a friendly interaction, I learned that both his parents were working and hardly spent time with him. He is the only child. He takes tuition for all the subjects and depends on his maids for everything. He doesn't want to come to school also. 


It was pretty evident from his behaviour and from the interaction with him that the child was in an unhappy state. You always remain sad and depressed. The child was counselled the parents were called and informed about the child's psychology confidentially. Individual attention was given to the child by the subject teachers. Parents also took time out for their children. Positive reinforcement and acknowledging the child's efforts brought a change in his behaviour. 


The child has started taking an interest in school and school activities. He has started interacting with his classmates and his teachers. Now he has become a Happy child; he is seen spreading happiness all around. Consequently, there has been a positive impact on his studies. 

Advice to the educators to instil happiness and tolerance among the students. 

1. Make the environment happy tolerant, and respectful for everyone. 

2. Use comments to shape the child's behaviour. 

3. Right counselling at the right time. 

4. Make the child feel memorable, safe and loved. 

5. Make learning exciting and enriching. 

6. Practice before you preach.

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