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Freedom is the ability to make decisions for ourselves. We’re free to think and speak our minds, to choose our own path in life. This allows us to be individuals and create our own unique life. In Fact, Freedom is a fundamental human right.

This pursuit of Freedom begins at home, where we’re taught how to think about ourselves and others – and how to behave if we want to continue to receive love and acceptance from those closest to us.

As children, from an early age, we believe that Freedom means doing what makes other people happy and avoiding anything that makes them unhappy. Here I would like to share my own instances when I was a student. When I had finished my schooling and started college, at that time, my mother used to say not to talk to anyone, especially boys. Not to pass any smile unnecessarily. Even so many restrictions on my way of dressing up. Under all these restrictions, I made myself a hushed girl. I feel its impact even today on my personality. Now being quiet has become my habit, and I put all my best effort into coming out of this zone and actively participating in any conversation.

        1. As a girl, I was not allowed to play outside in the open ground or adopt any game or sport. I was confined to playing inside the house or on nearby streets. So, it was just my dream to be a good player.

        2. Even after my graduation, I was not allowed to choose a degree of my own for this, I had to go to the Southern part of the country, so I had to compromise.

So here I feel that if I had been granted Freedom, I would have been different. Thus The right to liberty is essential because it allows us to have power over our own lives and to strive for a better life. It’s one of the fundamental rights we all deserve as human beings, regardless of where we live or our circumstances.

  • Freedom is essential because it allows us to live a life without fear or oppression from those who would seek our enslavement through force or coercion.

Peace is a concept of societal friendship and harmony in which there is no hostility and violence. Fear of failure or of success disturbs our inner Peace. Many factors are responsible for violence in our society, such as bad parenting and genetic or brain injury. Even some Environmental factors are also responsible for it. In our schools, we see some students who cannot express their feelings and become violent. I noticed that after two years of the Pandemic, when students were there for face-to-face learning in the school, their behaviour changed. They are more violent. So we need to promote Peace in our classrooms. I think this is possible through some yoga classes to channel their energy and help students overcome stress through exercises and exploring our students. Our schools should promote some activities to teach students the importance of Peace. For example, in our schools, we preach United Nations Sustainable goals. From Nursery to Twelve, students are familiar with all the SDGs. Goal no. 16, Peace, justice and strong institutions. We promoted this goal three years back when all classes were involved in peace prayers. So, this is a joint effort, and we all need to come ahead to make peaceful societies in this world so that this Earth is a better place to live in.

Nitin Sharma 
Kamla Nehru Public School

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