Freedom and Peace - Rishona Chopra

Freedom as we know, of course, is the joy of feeling free & and doing what we want, to simply have freedom. We can do what we want, but freedom has its own limits. It's not that we cut the wings on the bird, but it's like a summer-adapted bird goes to Antarctica. Can it? It might die... Similarly, freedom is to have the initial and foremost rights and the right to do good deeds, not bad ones.

When someone says, "you are not good at drawing at all. I am much better." These things hurt us, and then when people say things that hurt us, they capture our thoughts. We usually start criticizing ourselves. Their thoughts about us capture our thoughts. What people say about us is not necessarily who we are. 

We are who we think we are, so if we start thinking about ourselves as someone else thinks, our thoughts are not free. We are not free at all. So people can say what they want to, of course, if they say something we must see if what they are saying is true but if not then don't think about what they say because if your mind doesn't have free thoughts, then you are not free and if you are not free then how will you be happy and if you are not satisfied then how will you feel peace and if you have no peace then you don't have a wonderful, happy and peaceful life. And I'm sure all of us want a happy life. Don't we?

Freedom in the classroom is quite essential; the Montessori teaching style aims to make the child more thoughtful and independent. Freedom for thought and doing. In the book "Lord Of The Flies" a group of boys are left alone on an island for the first few days the enjoy, but after a few days, they need someone to guide them. So freedom doesn't just depend on you but the proper process with which we need some guidance.

Freedom and peace are pretty related; peace starts when space starts. Peace, in my opinion, is something you can't describe. It's a feeling of pleasure, satisfaction, fulfilment and joy. Peace is freedom from the noise in our minds. Today let us pledge, "Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me". "The more in harmony with yourself, the more joyful you are, and the more faithful you are. Faith does not disconnect you from reality; it connects you to reality." — Paulo Coelho Rishona Chopra Grade VI Gyanshree School

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