Freedom and Peace - Laxmi Kant Bhatt

is a state of independence where you can do what you like without restrictions. Moreover, it can be called a state of mind where you have the right and freedom to do what you think.

Here are the three instances where I felt that more freedom at my disposal would have allowed me to realise my potential better:

Instance 1 – When I was in grade 9th. or 10th. I was in my school volleyball team. Volleyball was my passion. In addition to Volleyball, I also liked playing cricket. Once there was an actual interschool event, cricket. I wanted to participate in that competition as I loved playing cricket and wanted my skills to be enhanced. But the team was already selected without any selection. I went to the coach to give me a chance and prove that I was worthy of playing for the team, but the coach trusted the captain and did not give me a chance to prove myself. Hence, I was ignored and not allowed to enhance my skills.

Instance 2 – I wished to learn to drive a car as a teenager. Those days it was rare for people to drive cars. Only trained people could do it. I could not learn how to navigate the car as I could not find anyone who could have taught me. My parents were also very possessive in matters like these and never allowed me to go and learn how to drive from a stranger. Therefore, I could not learn how to drive a car which created a phobia in my head, and I had trouble learning how to drive in my thirties.

Instance 3 - I wanted to take my career to a higher level by going abroad. I received a call from a good and well-known school from abroad. My mother used to live alone then, so I had to compromise the opportunity for my mother. As she was an old woman and needed constant support and someone to look after her, and being the only child, I had to stay.

cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding – Albert Einstein.

Peace may have different meanings for everyone, but to me, it means learning how to deal with a conflict in a way that doesn't put anyone's rights over others. It is learning how to resolve a dispute without destroying an individual's respect and reputation. We should encourage students to work peacefully and respectfully. If you have an annual event like a poetry recitation, musical or an act, then you should appoint the theme of 'Peace' and challenge students to find stories, poems and songs about peace. They can also make posters and paint pictures of peace and what it means to them. It can be beneficial and teach students how to maintain peace and live equally and supportively.


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