Thoughtfulness and Understanding - Preeti Mahajan and Mridula Renjit

It is a state of thinking carefully about something or somebody. Thoughtful people are those who pay attention to the people around them, reflect on the situation, and choose to act in a purposeful and loving way. In short, thoughtfulness means to listen, learn, act and support. Remember a leader is always thoughtful and considerate.

Techniques to inculcate thoughtfulness among the children in the classroom:
• give a thank you note for the gift you received.
• bringing sweets for everyone in class.
• acknowledge the people around you anticipate the need of others.
• gather information about others' needs.
• mark and celebrate important events and occasions.
• think before you speak.
• check back or follow up.
• not only listen but act also.
• listening is good but better is to act and support.
• most importantly -give time to yourself and others.

Being understanding and empathetic
Empathy means understanding how another feels even if you don’t feel that way. Empathy can bring you closer to others and can enable you to understand them better. There are 4 A's for empathetic behaviour - Affirm, Acknowledge, Appreciate, and Assure.

Activities conducted to teach empathy in the classroom.
• use of literature and stories.
• talk about emotions.
• watching appropriate videos and movie clips.
• teachers talk and class discussion on empathy.
• modelling empathetic behaviour.
• acts of kindness.
• playing empathy games.
• giving responsibilities to all
• encouraging community service.

Preeti Mahajan and Mridula Renjit
Ahlcon Public School

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