Quality and Love - Anvesha Rana

The Happy Teacher sessions profoundly affect all attendees; we may marvel that a simple one-hour discussion can impact a young student's entire perspective. A teacher meets many students, but embedding indelible impressions on each learner is our aim, and making a difference is our reflection. 

Quality is the degree of excellence of something. But in a classroom, it is our measure of the worth of the final outcome. Defining good or lousy quality has varied strands depending on the string we pick. Quality always has the connotation of setting a standard or a benchmark. It means value, worth and merit. 

Good or bad quality, but the effort behind each task is always the core. One high-quality aspect of a person cannot undermine another bad-quality aspect; for instance, if a person is very diligent and hard-working, but on the other hand, he is a thoroughbred liar. Hence what defines us are our good qualities and our bad qualities. A person's quality is a summation of all the other qualities they attain. 

Quality output is a measure of the quality of input. Adulterated milk will only give lousy ghee, whereas unadulterated milk will only give good ghee. If we need good-quality output, we need high perseverance. It is aspirational. We can compete with ourselves. Everyone can't have the same values, so the same parameters for everyone are not fair to the students. The concept of quality comes from role models, our teachers. Re-evaluating and re-doing is the basis of quality. 

A skill does not define quality because talent is limited to many factors, but the quality has no connection with the skill attached to it. Quality is the effort we put into achieving that skill. Values build our character, and Skills produce the output of a task. Seeing an assignment's action or the thought purpose is how quality should be assessed. 

Teachers accept all qualities because they love their students. Love is a hidden bond, an invisible thread that binds people together even if they are miles apart. Love allows independence, confidence and safety. Where you can be vulnerable is where you love. 

A Teacher is the epitome of love. Becoming a better teacher is the degree of love they spread. 

Every hateful comment in a classroom is triggered by another cruel past event. So we can resolve hate only through love. Teachers can counsel the child and take time for the students, again LOVE. Every one must feel the power of love. 

Anvesha Rana 

Grade 10-B 

Gyanshree School

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