Happiness and Tolerance - Ananta RKPM

Scenario 1 Unhappy child

A) Such type of situation we have yet to face.

B) What can we do if the child is unhappy at school?

● Communication is a key to solving significant obstacles.

● Be positive and think positive.

● Encourage the children to discover what they are passionate about.

● Maintain a positive and cheerful environment for children.

● Stir up children about their goals and ambitions.

● When the children accomplish their goals, let them know you are proud.

● Provide incentives only when needed.

Scenario 2 An Intolerant Student

A) We have not faced this type of situation.

B) How to deal with intolerant Students in Classroom?

● Communicate with parents regarding students' behaviour.

● Keep calm and patient.

● Personally discuss the matter.

● Praise their efforts and achievements.

● Ask them for help.

● Give them duties and responsibilities.

● Imitate their body language, which helps us discover their difficulties.

● Become a role model for students.

● Give them realistic examples to set their own reasonable goals.

● Teachers should provide an autocratic environment.

Ananta (Infinite) @ RKP School Moradabad

Bhawana Arora, Parul, Asha Mamgin, Poonam Mehra, Ashita, Rebecca, Rajni Mehra and Neha

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