Happy Teachers

Is the Learning Forward India (LFIN) Academy right for you?

The LFIN Academy's Professional Learning Program (PLP) is custom-built for each participant or team to match your needs, and we firmly believe that Happy Teachers make Happy Students.

Are you ready to:
  • Construct knowledge and develop strategies to overcome challenges and improve educator practice?
  • Become the professional learning subject-matter expert for your organization?
  • Implement professional learning in your environment that ultimately increases student achievement?
  • Engage fully during learning sessions and do the job-embedded homework?
Learning Forward's Academy suits you if you answered yes to any of the above questions.

Benefits to Academy participants:
  • Share 3 years of learning with educators from around the world;
  • Experience 11-15 face-to-face, team-based learning days for in-depth instruction and to build relationships and foster community;
  • Attend the My Good School Retreat and be inspired by and network with industry experts and peers;
  • Participate and collaborate by phone and virtually to extend learning and for continuous process improvement;
  • Receive ongoing support from an experienced coach who is also an Academy graduate;
  • Gain access to resources, relationships and real results to advance your professional learning journey; and
  • Celebrate successful completion with formal graduation.
Sign up for the Learning Forward India Professional Learning Program and find your mojo in teaching and learning! #HappyTeachers                                                        

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