Is Your Child Ready To Face The World?

“Is your child ready to face the world?” by Anupam Sibal is an effective book not only from parent’s point of view but from teacher’s point of view also. This book has changed my thought process. On reading the whole book I felt that in order to imbibe qualities like humanity, courage, determination, making others happy etc. in our students, we should be ready to CHANGE and also help our students to change and most importantly in a POSITIVE WAY. 

It is very true that what we put into the minds of our children today is what they are going to give back to the world tomorrow. As a teacher we are responsible for how the child will influence the future of the world. Being a teacher while dealing with our students we should be humble and polite, so that our children can observe humility in their earlier stage as humility paves the way for other virtues. 

This book created a clear and beautiful picture about how to deal with student’s problems. We should teach our students to identify or observe those persons who have overcome challenges of life rather than to come with excuses. For doing this we should appreciate their good works and actions also. In today’s world when there is too much competition, we should not add more pressure on students rather we should help them to deal with it by creating friendly atmosphere with other students. If we do comparison or being judgmental we cannot build a strong teacher-student relationship. We should not impose our ideas on students. They should adopt the field in which they are interested and dreamed of. 

Although this book is written from the point of view of a father and teacher is also like parent to students. I have written my thoughts as a teacher that I learned from this book. Giving examples of real life situations is the best method to make the picture clear to students. I hope to give these virtues to my students, so that they become ready to face the world.

~ Payal Sharma, a teacher at the DBN Amarvilla School, Jammu

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