Kavitha Devda: Understanding A Child

One of the things that we work on is to understand our child's mind. We should find out about the simple things that tell us what our child likes or dislikes, what makes him laugh or cry, and what motivates him. Here the social change and emotional development play an important role during childhood. Parents have their own way of interpreting their child's abilities and skills or lack of those. When you don't understand your child, you may misinterpret or misjudge him. 

Lack of awareness about child’s development can often lead to a poor judgment of children. Parents are more than just providing comforts for their children. Therefore, they are providing their child with a sense of security. One of the simplest ways to understand their children is observation. Show interest in what your children are doing or saying. Observe their actions and expressions, and temperament when they eat, sleep, and play. Keep in mind that your child is unique and may have a personality that stands out, even as he grows. To avoid comparing your child with other children, as it adds stress to their parents, it also makes the child feel inferior.

"A child is born neither good nor bad but Master of his destiny".

- Kavitha Devda, Educator at The Fabindia School

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