Soham Anand: 'Right' to become something!

The problem with today's young generation is their falsely intense belief in their geniousness and  insanity to become something, be it at the cost of sacrificing  all morality and ethics. Their 'Right' to become something, in term of material wellness, with total disregard to value behaviour is what is threatening and scary.

Their  real life is often the life  they do not live. Our young generation live a borrowed life, not theirs. The conflicts and strives, the disappointments and disruptions are the direct outcome of this borrowed life style.

The spirit of compassion and empathy has no place in their scheme of things, even if it is on the surface. Scrape the surface little deeper and you see callousness and unimaginable crudeness. Lust and greed has overtaken all the finer qualities and graces of life.

The maddening rush, the shrill noises, deafning crescendo, to become something, is so painfully loud that the less fortunate one are left behind to struggle and die.

Stepping on someone's toe to climb the ladder of success doesn't evoke any regret or repentance, rather it is the done thing. Today's spirit has less to do with compassion and sympathy, more with deodorants and perfumes.

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