Usman Gani: Where Creativity Rules, Inventions Are Child’s Play.

The Gaudium School
From the book, all the thoughts were just outstanding. The best thought I liked was Where Creativity Rules, Inventions Are Child’s Play.

Every person is creative but it is the duty of an educator to bring out this creativity into the light. When a person is creative then he/she can imagine. This image can help to solve all the problems in life.

Being creative means being practical. Students have many views in their minds but it has to be taken out by an educator. So, an educator has to use good teaching aids. If a child has good creativity, we as an educator have to motivate them. A good teacher has to use strategies to work out with the students. If a child is not interested in the way being taught, we should help a student to understand in a better way.

All those inventions done by the scientist are the result of their creativity. Things are better known because of the inventions made by the scientists.

-Usman Gani, The Fabindia School

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