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Our focus is on school transformation with an emphasis on culture as a service. We'll design a plan that meets your unique needs and improves teaching and learning in your system.

  1. My Good School - We help our partner schools to work for the personal and social development of an individual by offering an environment where experiential learning is made possible through activities beyond just study. The program helps measure the improvement in student learning at school. #MyGoodSchool
  2. Professional Learning Program - focuses on building professional learning communities. The program leverages the best in adult learning, research on organisational change, and practical experience to create capacity for sustained improvements in educators. #HappyTeachers
  3. Schools Can Change -  Upgrading or setting up a school, we closely work with the client organisation, to further the vision and mission of the promoters. This includes systems, training and management support. #SchoolsCanChange
  4. School Leadership Development - Principals are the key driving force for any school, we assist schools in finding and mentoring the right people to help build a good leadership team. #SchoolLeadershipDevelopment
  5. The Value Of Values - Dr Anupam Sibal and Sandeep Dutt are the Value Creators for the Program, they have the most wonderful association of Professional Learners who have worked together for over five years to help build the first of its kind Professional Learning Association in India. The work of the Value Creators has been much appreciated all over the world. #ValueOfValues
  6. The YES Workshop -It is all about finding the leader within, you will be able to discover your hidden self! Open to all, mentors, students, teachers, parents and volunteers of any age or size!! This one day workshop is conducted on campus/location provided by the school/ college. #YouthEngaging Society
  7. Brewing Knowledge - build professional learning communities, and assists members to leverage the power of professional learning to affect positive and lasting change. #BrewingKnowledge

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