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Dr Tazeen Siddiqui: Faith or Belief, what leads to spiritual strength?

The Child's mind is a set of thoughts that they absorb through experiences, books, peer learning, Teachers, parents etc.

The beliefs that we give our kids in our legacy helps in building spiritual strength and true faith. If we grow our kids with the belief that if a black cat crosses your way it turns out to be unlucky will imprint the false beliefs in their minds and heart, which will shatter the true faith of honesty, hard work, dedication and commitment.W e need to teach children the real faith that encourages and strengthen spiritual bonding.

Every Faith begins with the concept of honesty, hard work, Dedication and love. Once we inculcate these true faith in children they tend to build a strong spiritual bonding with a great trust in Giving, sharing and loving everyone in this world.

False beliefs shatter true faith while true faith, strengthen spiritual bonding to do the right and understand the concept that consequences are the results of our actions and if we do it with true faith, it turns into excellence and if done by false beliefs it leads to ignorance. It's important to turn thoughts into a true faith which in turn encourage true actions.

We need to grow up children with the thought that our actions have to be channelized with right thoughts of gaining knowledge, sharing and rising together with excellence as coded in the holy books.

Bhagwat Geeta Verse #1:
"Karmanye vadhika raste,
Ma phaleshu kadachana;
ma karma phala he tur bhuh,
ma te sangvasta karmani".

To action alone hast thou a right and never at all to its fruits; let not the fruits of action be thy motive; neither let there be in thee any attachment to inaction. There is no substitute for hard work and hard work eventually pays.

Man will not get anything unless he works hard surah al najm 53:39

There is no doubt about the fact that man cannot make any progress without efforts and hard work. for example, one who studies wholeheartedly becomes a scholar similarly a farmer who ploughs the farm, sows seeds in it and waters them, is soon rewarded with crops.

When we make our children strong with these true faith we create a great generation for the future to create history with peace in the world and knowledge in every heart and mind.

Dr Tazeen Siddiqui, Email fortazeen@gmail.com

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