Responsible Icons: Courage

“Courage is accepting the challenges beyond your physical and mental limits.”

Being an educator, our school gives us immense opportunity to explore and experience different minds and personalities around us. One such unique personality was of an energetic student in my class. This student has always been labelled and mocked by his educator and peers. The reason for being labelled was his peculiar behaviour which included funny gestures and facial expressions. As a class teacher, I was concerned about the child’s behaviour and thought of observing him for a few days.

My observations and conversation with him led me to the conclusion that his behaviour was not deliberate but a reaction of his fear for public speaking. I was very determined to work in hand with this child and give him that much-needed opportunity to overcome his fear. And there we had this opportunity knocking at us as this week we had to present the school assembly.

Both of us sat together and here was our action plan to kick off his fear. We decided to take up ‘Courage’ as our topic for the assembly. And here I was with my plan. I asked this student to present a small speech on the topic but before that, he had to show the courage to accept his fear in front of the entire school. To which he reluctantly agreed. I must appreciate his efforts through his presentation was not a polished one he made me proud by showing the courage to accept his fear. And this was his victory. Gradually the child shed off his gestures and expressions and rose to be a good orator.

This one incident not only changes the child’s personality but also reflected that every fear has its way out. It’s an individual who has to gather the courage to face his fear and move out of the boundaries to reach for their goals.
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