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Helpful Icons: Patience

The School was preparing for the sports day and all the children were practising with full enthusiasm. The joy of participating in all the races was very high. The Sports head conceptualized all the races keeping in mind the spirit of chasing, fighting and developing patience.

The event started and the Sports Head was all set with the educators to start the event. The whistles and the claps have set the mode for the sports event to start. The only turbulence was with Joy for the 100-meter start race. The three-step command of “ on your mark, set and Go was released by the referee”. Joy due to his anxiety moved on the ‘ set’ command in place of the final one. This led him to a foul, and the whole team had to come back to the starting point. The referee gave warning to all about being conscious and not repeating the foul. During this time Joy was ridiculed, rebuked and was blamed by his peers for being the person responsible for the delay and revert to the starting line.

Joy’s confidence was shattered and he was afraid and had a guilt of not participating in the race further. It was at that moment that the Kedar sir observed him and immediately pitched in to whisper in his ears that “ You can do it and you alone will win”. Joy only looked at him, his expressions shared his disappointment and his hesitation to not go ahead. Kedar sir just held his hand and said, the one who takes the challenge is you and will be you and he repeated: “ You will and you can”. These were the magical words that lead Joy to run the race and yes he was the first one who made it to the finishing line.

Joy finished the race and immediately rushed to Kedar sir to thank him and making him the Hero for the day.

Helpful Icons - Dr Gargi Singh, Babita, Kedar, Rashmi & Swastika
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