Talking Pen - a letter from a happy teacher!

Keeping kids away from screens

Sandeep Dutt
My Good School
Dehradun - 248001

Dear Mr Dutt, 

Children are not just curious but far more intelligent and receptive to layered information than we, as adults expect. The demerits of mobiles and screens at a younger age when the physical and mental strengths are at the formative stage are far more than the merits of engagement and entertainment. Until 4-5 years of age, when the children cannot read and write very well, their ability to speak and hear is far more vital. It’s the best time to help the children love the sensibilities of hearing and speaking instead of remembering it as a struggle or limitation in communication. We can create more avenues for them to listen and talk and build this into their daily narrative, regardless of their background or environment. 

When my daughter was around 12 months old, I started developing books with the ‘talking pen’ technology. With a lot of work going into ensuring excellent audio quality, developing kinesthetics, language and speech skills, and observation of words, their context in sentences and visuals, I created the first set of interactive books for 2-4-year-olds and called it SmartBook. 

Today, we have close to 10 ranges for 2-10-year-old children. Both curriculum-based and age-focused. Simply speaking, we develop paper books with audio. The layered information in this medium is a pure treat to a child’s learning through play space. 

We have all the ranges available in toy stores across India (due to the electronic pen component) and have also had some success in Delhi municipal governments. It’s in the schools where the most significant impact happens by almost having the teacher/coach be with each child 24/7, in the form of interactive books. 

I am looking forward to connecting, please.

Warm regards 
Sonia Choksi 

Thank you, Sonia, for writing and sharing your incredible innovation. This is exciting, ideal for homeschooling and will help parents detox the child from mobile or TV screens. A toy, a book, a fun learning device! - Sandeep Dutt

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