Humility and Appreciation - Aadhya RPKM

Topic- Humility 

Activity- Students were asked to prepare worksheets for any teacher whom he/she has hurt, admitting his /her mistake and apologizing for the same.

Student's response- Students put their feelings in writing and acknowledge their mistakes:

  • I'm sorry for _____________________
  • In the future I will_________________
  • Will you please forgive me? __________________
  • Teacher's Response - ____________________________

Teacher's  role:

1. Ask students to accept their faults and express their sincere regrets.

2. Ask students to forgive the apologizer and move on.

3. Teach students to learn from their mistakes.

Impact on students:-

1. It teaches students to put others before themselves and encourages them to be better learners and problem solvers.

2. It helps them to build strong relationships.

3. Facilitate the ability to learn from mistakes.

4. Encourage personal growth.

Teacher's learning:- If we want our children to learn, we must in return enter the classroom as learners.

Topic - Appreciation

Exercise - Ask students to think of something they are grateful for and express their thanks to someone who has made a positive impact on their life and thank you notes for their classmates and teachers.

Student's response-

  • Some students were thankful to their friends for adding colour and fun to their lives. Some students were thankful to their teachers who inspired them and added value to their lives.
  • Some students were thankful to their parents or family for taking care of them and giving good upbringing.

Teacher's role:- As a teacher, I share stories of my personal life about to whom I am thankful and about positive effects on our behaviour and attitude.

Impact on Students:-

1. Trained their needs to focus on the positive aspects of their life and build a habit of appreciation.

2. Create a powerful and positive effect on them.

Teacher's learning:-

1. A positive attitude creates positivity and changes the environment and life.

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Deepa Khanna, Rachna Bisht, Asma, Farida, Sushma, Kulmeet, Krishangi.

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