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Appreciation: How did we conduct the activity? 

An activity was conducted in the class on appreciation. The names of all the students were written on small slips of paper and kept in a bowl. Students were called individually and asked to pick one slip from the bowl. The students had to speak a few lines of appreciation or a few lines about some good qualities for the student whose name slip they had picked. Each student had to speak at least 4-5 lines for each student. 

Initial responses from students:- 

The students initially took time to understand the activity and were given time to prepare themselves. Students very thoughtfully recalled their behaviour with them, other classmates and with the teachers. 

After one or two students had spoken, the rest of the students gained confidence and developed an interest in the activity. Students shared their views freely which led to enthusiasm and excitement among students to hear about them because, in today’s world, everybody likes to be appreciated and praised. 

Our role in the activity:- 

  • We as mentors encouraged the students to participate in the activity. 
  • We helped the students with vocabulary where they were stuck and found it difficult to express themselves. 
  • Some students in the class are shy and have a fear of speaking in public so they need extra counselling and motivation. 
  • During the activities, it is essential to maintain decorum and discipline in the class in order to carry out the activity effectively.

Impact on Children:- 

In these times it is very easy to criticise and find mistakes in others, when it comes to praising and appreciating others then it seems to be the most difficult task. Students struggled initially but by the end of the activity they enjoyed and seemed to be quite confident about their performances. 

Students got to know each other even better and appreciated each other which created an atmosphere of positivity and unity among the class. Students got to experience how it feels when we appreciate others, they experienced the feeling of happiness and contentment after conducting the activity. 

What did we learn as teachers? 

We as teachers learned that we should emphasise the positive attributes of life rather than discussing the negative ones only. We should encourage students to focus on the positive and lighter side of life. 


Humility is the state of being " Humble ". It is a moral value that highlights the feeling of not being superior to other human beings and treating others with sensitivity.  

A humble person is patient enough to listen to others' thoughts and consider their opinions as well. Humility is the essence of peace and harmony as it allows us to lead a happy life free from the shackles of negativity and chaotic minds. 

How we conducted the Activity:-  

We have conducted a role-play activity in such a way so that students can understand the difference between the character of a proud and a humble person. We divided the students into groups of four students and gave each of them a role to play. 

Few students were given roles that lacked humility such as a Cruel master, Proud king, stubborn princess, overconfident and proud hare etc. and few students were given the roles of humble people such as Wise farmer, kind prince, humble tortoise etc.  

Initial Responses from students:-  

Based on the knowledge we shared with our students, they started giving examples of the acts of humility that they experience in their daily lives and prepared dialogues for the role-play activity. 

Teacher's role and contribution:-  

 We educated our students on the topic of Humility through story-telling and helped them understand the behaviour of the roles given to them. 

Impact on students:-  

Students understood the topic and enjoyed the activity. They not only understood the importance of Humility but also the importance of teamwork.  

Takeaways for the Teachers:-  

The zeal and enthusiasm of the children to learn and practice the moral values in their lives was mesmerizing. We learned that one should always stay humble enough to learn new things in life. 

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