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Humility is freedom from pride or arrogance. It is the quality or state of being humble. Humility makes people better thinkers and learners, it also makes the person's patience level high.

Humility is exhibited by respectful behaviour towards others. A humble person does not think they are superior to others. That’s why we should make our future generation learn humility.  


To develop the quality of humility in students, we conducted an activity called "Humility Scavenger Hunt"- After giving a lecture on humility, the children had a solid understanding of the topic and its importance in life. We encouraged them to look for incidents of humility in action. The humility scavenger hunt included real-life situations at school, in the neighbourhood or at home. We also included books, our children read or television and movies they had watched. We got the opportunity to discuss behaviour and actions, talking about what people or characters did and the outcome of their humble actions. 

A) Initial responses from students:  

Each student has tried his best by taking part in this activity. They have given happy and healthy responses as they shared their life experience of humility and being humble with others. Sharing their experiences and stories they showed satisfaction and happiness too. 

B) Your role/ contribution: 

As educators, we played a key role in this activity, where we tried to develop the power of humility in our future generation. We tried to make sure that the students see themselves and each other as beautiful human beings who welcome each other's opinions, insights and questions. 

C) Impact on students:  

This activity has made them more open to other people's views. In other words, students were feeling happy (safe) to engage in a discussion in which they shared their experiences with others. It helped them to look beyond the praise and attention of others and focus on learning and personal improvement through realistic views of the self and the situation. 

D) Takeaway/Learning for you: 

Humility is a powerful trait that is often overlooked in our fast-paced, success-driven world. As educators we learnt the role of humility in personal growth, the ability to handle failure, and the impact of humility in the workplace, including improved leadership, teamwork and the ability to handle conflict. 


"The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness."

Appreciation is the highest form of prayer, for it acknowledges the presence of good wherever you shine the light of your thankful thoughts. Students should learn to appreciate the efforts someone makes for them and should be genuinely grateful for it.  


Students were asked to write appreciation notes for someone whom they really wanted to appreciate for what they do and later give them those notes. Another activity was done wherein the students were asked to appreciate their classmates and later go home and express their appreciation and gratitude for them.  


All the students participated in the activities with their full zeal and enthusiasm. An increased sense of brotherhood and sisterhood was evident in their learning. All the students made it their primary responsibility to always be humble and truthful, appreciate one another, and be grateful.  

Teacher's Role: 

The teacher was like a facilitator who guided and motivated all the students to actively come ahead and take part in the activities. 

Saumya @ RPK School Moradabad

Rashmi Wright, Ekta Sharma, Rajni Gupta, Shafali Johri, Asha Singh, Beena Singh, Nidhi Narula

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