What Makes a School? - Suparba Roy Choudhuri

A school is a multifaceted institution that involves various elements contributing to its identity and purpose. There are various components that make a school but the few points that come to my mind are as follows: 

Students: The heart of any school is its students—the individuals attending to acquire knowledge, skills, and personal development. 

Teachers: Educators play a crucial role in imparting knowledge, guiding students, and facilitating the learning process. 

Curriculum: The structured set of courses and subjects designed to provide a comprehensive education, covering academic, social, and practical aspects. 

Administration: The administrative staff manages school operations, including scheduling, enrollment, record-keeping, and communication with parents and other stakeholders. 

Community: A sense of community fosters collaboration among students, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders, contributing to a positive school environment. 

School, for me, is a combination of many things, at different points of time. I feel like if the school is the body, the admin is the building and rules the bones, if people are flesh and blood then the students are the HEART of the body.  School indeed is a place of learning where students are the most important part because they mostly dream about their future life. In my opinion, school is a happy place of learning for teachers and students equally. 

I, as a teacher, feel responsible for my continuous learning so that I can reach out to all children and create a happy & positive environment in the classroom. For me teaching is not to challenge students to achieve, rather the challenge is to create a learning environment where every student is a willing achiever. 

I also see school as a place where a community comes together to learn, collaborate and experience growth. It's like a mini-world where everyone plays a unique role. If we view the school as a place of work, learning, sharing, and conscious engagement, it becomes a dynamic space resembling the play of life. 

Functioning of a school without any of these is impossible, every individual comes together, and works together, towards a common goal of shaping the future of this nation; a school is a live example of teamwork, and I being a part of this team, feel elated towards the contribution that I have.

I feel a sense of responsibility and excitement. It is a liberating experience having a part to play in this mini version of life, contributing to the collective journey of knowledge and growth. There is an immense responsibility on our shoulders, it does create a sense of pressure and stress sometimes but this pressure and stress is also an opportunity for innovation on our part, a way to constantly upskill ourselves and develop unique ways of approaching the problems or hindrances, coming our way.

Suparba Roy Choudhuri
Sunbeam School, Lahartara 
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