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This is what school and its students are for me. The very 1st day when I entered the school campus I felt as if I was in a beautiful big garden, full of beautiful flowers emanating their fragrance. Each flower of this garden has a distinct impression of its own fragrance through its talent in everyone's heart which creates a lovely plethora of student and teacher relationships and leaves a platform of colourful memories.

The way seasons pass one by one and the tiny baby plants get prepared to face the upcoming whole year and bloom beautifully in the coming season. Similarly, with the teachers; these tiny taught students turn into a healthy plant and with the moving new session they get ready to vacillate into the new season with their new teacher.

Yes, I feel like if school is the body, administrators are the building and the teachers are the bones, then the students in the school are the heart of the body. School indeed is a place of learning where students are the most important part because they mostly reflect in their future life whatever they have learned in their school time. Each teacher on the stage of school has given their part to play. Now it's up to them how well they play to do Justice with their role allotted. 

I think it is obvious that a teacher should get to know his/her students well. Taking a bit of time and care to get to know them as individuals can make them more effective and impactful teachers. Beyond just finding out students' names, ages, friend groups and family backgrounds, it's important to dig a bit deeper and discover their learning interests, strengths and weaknesses.

One of the key benefits of schooling is that it helps students to develop logical, critical and problem-solving skills. Also, education teaches them how to make independent decisions. When they become an adult, lots of challenging situations develop; for instance, they will have to start living on their own, away from their parent, pay off their debts and provide for their families among others and if they have spent years educating themselves they will be better equipped to make sound decisions compared to someone who has never stepped into the school. One can say that without a doubt schooling and education, in general, play a key role in societal growth and progress. 

When the citizens of a society are well-educated they will contribute to society in various fields like literature, technology and science among others to help create a well-balanced community. Learning and acquisition of knowledge are important for a modern society regardless of where they are. They will need to learn about history, culture, tradition as well as other key areas so that they can contribute to modern society. When they will go to school they will acquire knowledge that will help them to differentiate between right and wrong. Also, education will give them leadership skills to guide their followers down the right path. 

The children of today are the adults of tomorrow. Therefore, they will need the right skills to contribute to the economy in a few years to come and this is where school comes in.

And yes, if as a teacher I can touch the beating heart of any of my students, can influence and shape their mindset, can inculcate any of the required skills in students, can awake a single sleeping mind at least, then I will feel liberated, free and a true teacher.

Mohini Rai 
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