High Risk Behaviour in Classrooms - Deepti Sharma

Many challenges, which arise due to behavioural patterns, we see are due to intense emotions not handled carefully by teachers.

However, an equipped teacher tries to understand and work on the root cause of those challenges for now and forever. 

A student’s success is directly related to their feeling of connection at school. 

Connection before Correction is a fundamental positive discipline teacher tool. It encourages students to acknowledge that there is a problem and it needs to be corrected. 

A teacher is like a window to ignorant minds, facilitating the sunshine to pass through it. The broader the window the more the light will be passed into the dark room. Hence right path shall be visible.

We all want to be listened to, especially when we are talking about something important. How would one feel when one realised that one was unheard?

Being a Happy teacher, let’s hear out our students from the heart and build a supportive relationship with them.

Deepti Sharma
Gyanshree School, Noida

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