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My journey so far as a teacher; Joining a new school

Transition to a new school as a teacher can be both exciting and challenging. It seems difficult to navigate the transition smoothly but it actually depends on many factors. I still remember my first day at Sunbeam Indiranagar. 

It was the 1st of  Feb 2023, the harshness of the winter was moribund, the temperature was mild, the sky was clear, and early signs of spring were visible. A scenic landscape was in front of me. A cosy place; not very big in infrastructure but big at heart, created a stunning sight for exploration and learning. Longer daylight and a perennially blooming shady neem tree standing in the eastern corner of the assembly ground, protected people from harsh sunlight for decades and gave a peekaboo view of the vast sky, providing ample scenic beauty to admire nature's blessings with refreshing and invigorating air all around, took away my heart as if it was love at first sight.

My sight captured the view of a designated space in the centre, for the performance of little artists to begin their journey of becoming eloquent orators and dramatists, in future.

I entered Indiranagar premises, being an optimistic person I didn't lose hope so I gave a second chance to myself and prayed to God to help me prove my worth but still, my heart was skipping beats.

I had worked tirelessly at my previous workplace, giving my tooth to it, even in bleak circumstances related to my health and happiness, but I couldn't prove myself. So again I swam with the current to prove myself.

I kept walking and then climbed the uncarpeted stairs to reach the staffroom. I was a little nervous and had some apprehensions about my future but with a big smile, I entered and found inquisitive eyes, smiling faces and open arms to accept this fallen leaf of a strong, old renowned tree. And soon they became strong pillars for me, no less than family. They were generous, kind, and gave me a warm welcome, showed nonjudgmental behaviour that allowed me to fly high & walk the extra mile.

The day passed enthusiastically and we had a lot of fun working together. After a few days, I was asked to move to the kindergarten section as a recruit was demanded over there. Meeting all new faces back to back was a little sceptical but I was proved wrong. Their heart and arms both were waiting for me. They made me old in a day. 

Ongoing learning, tireless striving towards perfection, daily insights and of course the true and unconditional support of my work buddies made me what I am today. The appreciation, trust and recognition by the chairperson and colleagues helped me gain my courage back, granting me access to demonstrate my confidence and allowing me to think and do beyond boundaries. Hence what I learnt at Indiranagar is not to be judgmental even with the Wanted Back Bencher and Last Ranker Teacher (Book by Kavita Bhupta Ghosh).

A unique, note-worthy, verdant, enchanting, harmonious, majestic, luminous and invigorating school that nestles its people to foster growth, is my ''Sunbeam Indiranagar'' a great source of peace for me!

Mizan Ali 
Sunbeam Indiranagar

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