Why Relationships Matter?- Leena Bhattacharya


The Importance of Student-Teacher Relationship-Build the Bond

A student-teacher relationship in the classroom is a positive relationship between the teacher and the student to gain trust and respect from each other. This relationship may consist of getting to know our students better, providing choices and encouraging the students to become stronger learners every day.

By doing this, teachers respect their students, valuing their individuality and politeness. 

Having a positive relationship with our students helps them become more successful in the classroom as well as makes our classroom a safe and welcoming environment for all.

Strong relationships provide a foundation for students' engagement, belonging and ultimately- learning. The more high-quality relationships students have with their teachers, the better their engagement in school.

Relationship first, everything else second.

This commitment to building strong, empathetic, nurturing relationships before we begin putting pen on paper or thinking about facilitating a lesson. Remember, we must touch students' hearts first before we put anything into their heads.

Leena Bhattacharya
Sunbeam Suncity

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