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A big thank you to the wonderful people who believed in me and continue to invest their faith in me. Their love and belief are my most considerable earnings, so I thought I would share some beautiful words they have penned for me.

Kunal Rajpurohit with Sandeep at The Fabindia School. The photo is of the steps leading to the principal's office. Kunal is currently a Fellow at The Teacher's Academy.

Photo credit - the official school photographer at The Fabindia School Annual Day celebrations.

One person whose contribution I would particularly like to highlight is Sandeep Dutt, who joined us as Chairman and Executive Director of the Bhadrajan Artisans Trust in 2012. He has facilitated many of the landmark achievements we celebrate today. - William N Bissell, Founder & MD Fabindia

You rarely come across a stand-out talent like Sandeep. He never fails to make a dramatic difference in any role he occupies. He can juggle multiple projects without compromising on the results. He can get teams to work to the highest standards through a strategic and inclusive leadership approach. Sandeep is a committed humanitarian and educationalist who has influenced change in the development and corporate sectors. He is highly recommended as a leader and as a team member.  - Cristal de Saldanha,  Leading Commonwealth Youth Adviser.

Learning Forward has developed best practices for the world through innovative innovations like the byte-sized PD, which focuses on core values and every individual's personal and social development. - Kalyani Chaudhuri, Principal Billabong High International School Thane

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