Peer Pressure - a Sunbeam Suncity Production

Peer Pressure is commonly known for the influence a peer group exerts on its members. This pressure exists in people of any age group. It can be positive and negative, depending on the nature of the behaviour being encouraged. In this short video produced by teachers at Sunbeam Suncity - Mohini Rai, Khalid Zafar, and Carol Henrik, share the peer pressure teachers faced in online teaching and learning during the pandemic, when most of us were stressed by the "new normal” and had nightmares to cope with. 

Many of us were not tech-savvy and struggled to continue teaching-learning through mobile phones and laptops. Learning new teaching tools and managing the class online virtually was very challenging. To overcome the pressure of learning advanced technology and online teaching tools, they got great support from their school management, colleagues, students, and family members. 

Through a positive approach and a little patience towards every hurdle they faced during the online virtual classes, and come out of the negatives of peer pressure and learnt many things. If we, as a grown-up, can have such experiences of peer pressure, then our teenagers are the most fragile and more susceptible to this. We must help them deal with peer pressure from time to time so that they can build resilience and confidence needed to overcome it and make decisions that are best for their future.

The video stars Mohini Rai, Khalid Zafar, and Carol Henrik.

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