What Makes A School? - Divya Upadhyay

School... A home away from home

School is made of teachers who are empathetic, a curriculum which needs to be updated as per the present-day requirements, resources as per the needs of students, and extracurricular activities which should not be a burden but a source of enjoyment and learning. A school needs to be a place where the environment is so cooperative that students feel secure.

No doubt School is a place where students get feedback about their progress but it should be a place where each and every small achievement of a student needs to be celebrated.

An important component of a school is parents and community. parents need to be involved in all the activities which their kids perform as it is the best way to make students feel loved.

A community is a place where students gain experiences either good or bad. They come to know what will be good for them and what not through the community.

I would say school is a building where our kids put life. so take care of school life. Each kid is the most important component of the school. Let's celebrate their diversity. Never let their innovation and creativity die.

Divya Upadhyay 
QC, R&D 

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