Love Learning VS Hate Learning

We "Love Learning " when we find pleasure in doing something, then we are motivated and do some innovation in that so that we can explore more and more.

We " Hate Learning " when we are not interested in any task. We feel bored and we do it just for name sake and not to gain something.

We "Love Learning" when we are motivated from the inside, get a favourable environment to do any tasks so that chances of failure are minimized and we recognize the value of that Learning. My love for learning increases when we do something which makes me happy 

Hate learning starts when we don't find anything important in that task, or we don't get a favourable environment as well as the support of people around us to do that task. When we are forced by parents,  teachers or peers to do any task because they think that it is required as per norms of society then also it becomes a burden for a child when any individual does anything without interest chances of failure increase.

My suggestion is that Let's stop forcing our kids on anything as there are ample opportunities in every field in today's world. we need to stand behind our kids, we can suggest better opportunities in what kids choose rather than forcing them to do what we want.

Give our kids wings to fly. We need to take just good care of their wings.

Divya Upadhyay (QC, R&D)
Sunbeam School

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