Saanya Gupta- Gold Holder and Award Volunteer on why young people should Volunteer with the Award

The Award Programme is like a dish whose main ingredient is a ‘volunteer’. It is non-functional without a volunteer. It is because of the volunteer’s involvement that today the youth is so enthusiastic about the Award and does not hesitate to take up the challenge to do the Award. 
I started Volunteering for the Award when I was in first year of Hansraj College, University of Delhi in 2009. As a Bronze, Silver and Gold Holder, the Award has defined me and has helped me become the talented individual I am today. I wanted to learn more about the administration and operation of the Award, get more young people around me to participate; all in an effort to give back to the Award. Two years as an Award Volunteer with the National Office, I have seen a new youthful energy flow into the Award system. I have seen the National Office take its bearings and grow into a  professional setup, a setup that believes in young people like me. Today, the Award Brand that is purple in India speaks for young people, by young people. 
My key focus as a Volunteer has been to Promote and Provide for the Award Programme specially in the Delhi University. With my peer group of fellow Award Holders and Award Volunteers, I have shared my personal experiences, some of the best memories of my life in guiding and mentoring aspiring young participants to engage in and successfully complete the Award.  
The many training workshops that I participated in equipped me well to lead in the partnership with the Delhi University. As a student of economics, I have been able to gain knowledge outside textbooks and experience how economics works in daily life, something that goes beyond classrooms and offices.  
As I look forward to my final year of College, I am certain that the trans-formative experiences from my Award and my volunteering will define my professional life. 
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- Saanya Gupta, Award Volunteer
Photo Courtsey- NAA India Archive, November 2010

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