Hundredth Issue of The Award Weekly

Ever wondered why the Award is often called ''Award World''?
Think about it.In a split second, you shall realise that IAYP is truly another World within this large world.Its an entire family. A family which has members from over 130 countries, a family with more than 8 million young members.Such a large union of people with diverse life-styles, belonging from different cultures, speaking different languages, having different view points necessarily have a very common aspiration. An aspiration to be Equipped for Life.
This World is run by the young- the YOUth is the policy former. The adults have let go but are always there to guide and help the Youth in decision making.
All of these big ideas are knit essentially by the thread of communication.
All young people around the world is like a mesh and communication fills the gap between them. We share our ideas with eachother. We inspire eachother. We are the teachers and we are the learners.
Awardees from different parts of the Our World remain in touch with one another.
E-weekly, the weekly newsletter is published by NAA,India every Wednesday.It connects all Awardees supplying them with essential information on upcoming events and workshops.It is also a means to encourage and appreciate the achievement of our Yound Leaders.
On this 100th issue of the e-weekly,I would like to congratulate the Communication team for doing an excellent job of publishing e-weekly round the year.
---Anwesha Ghosh, Gold Holder

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