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Doing the Award

My name is Jatindar Singh Kairon and am 18. I live in Kolkata, am a student of class 12 at Apeejay School,Park Street and a Bronze Award Holder of The International Award for Young People.

I started my life in with IAYP when I was in the 8th standard. Me along with my 6 other friends started it together and were very excited about being a part of it. Doing all sorts of activities and visiting different places was always my passion, and straight away I knew the Award was for me and became enthusiastic about getting started. So, the journey began…
I enrolled on my Bronze Award and began to experience the programme that so many people before me had participated in. I started with things in which I was good at. In my Service section, I did “Each One Teach One”. Providing education to those children who do not get the basic neccasity of life not only boosted my confidence but also gave me a great feeling that ''yes… we have done something''.
I was talented with instruments and I thought of pursuing that in the Skill section.I took up tabla playing.

I had a lot of option in the Physical Recreation section but I choose to play cricket.
Apart from these sections, both my Expeditions to Bolpur and Matha hills were also unforgettable.

I was ecstatic when I received my Bronze Certificate and badge.I realized that the hard work and commitment had been worth it. My achievements had been recognized.I had learned a great deal. On completion of this Award, I saw how proud my friends and family were. It felt right that the next step should be for my silver. I immediately decided to sign up for Silver and experienced the joys of knowledgeable and adventurous things. I am waiting to receive my Silver Award, so that I could start on with Gold.
By doing the Award I have learnt more than I would have thought possibly; I now have my own identity and more self confidence to push myself further”.

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