WZAA Annual workshop - 2011

26th August, 2011
All outstation Award Leaders reported to YMCA International House, Mumbai Central by evening.

27th August, 2011
0830 Hrs Registration followed by:

West Zone Annual training workshop started at Christ Church School, Mumbai on a very rainy/wet note. Total of 36 Award Leaders from 28 Schools/Units attended from Maharashtra/Gujarat/Madhya Pradesh from which 11 units have joined the Award Programme for the first time. Inputs by Senior Award Leaders, Committee members and Gold Holders played a major role in making the workshop a grand success
Workshop was inaugurated by Mr. Carl Laurie, Chairperson WZAA and Mrs. Meera Isaacs, Ex-Chairperson IAYP –WZ followed by opening remarks and a session on Why did you all decide to be in the Programme
This session was followed by Ice breaking session by Ms Asif Basra – Theater and movie actor.
After a short Tea break Mr. Aloke Bajpai, Zonal Manager-WZ -Scope on the Award Scheme structure/History/Role of Award leaders. This session was followed by the Skills Section by Mrs. Rekha Joshi, Senior Award Leader in the Programme joined by Committee members on the Physical Recreation Section
After lunch Mr. Juzer Shaikhally, GAH and Committee Member spoke and discussed on the importance on the Residential Project at Gold Level. He strongly emphasis the need of this section and the manner it should be carried out with a project report to be submitted to the Zonal Office within a month if not carried out with approved Assessor. Also discussed was the recently concluded Residential Project at Spiti undertaken by the GAHS. Suggestion to have a joint RP at Karjat, Maharashtra will be undertaken
After a short tea break Mr Noshir Engineer, A Senior Award leader having more than 200 students undertaking the Award at 3 levels spoke on Award Leaders Perspective on the manner on how to manage the huge group of students which he is handling...He was joined later by Mr. Ashley Eates, Award Leader from Bishop school. This session ended up with Q & A session

28th August, 2011

The day started with a Yoga Session by Dr Satish Tibrewala, a Committee members assisted by Ms Tibrewala. This was followed by a session by Mr. Juzer Shaikhally on Logs/Diary Books and Record Books, since most of the Award Leaders were attending for the first time and were new to the Award programme. He strongly emphasis that the Record Books to be filled up very carefully and no changes whatsoever to be made in any of the Section in the Record Book entry. If an assessment is done from private coaches, the name, Designation and Contact Number should be mentioned. Logs/Diary Books have to be submitted together with the Record Books when a participant is ready for the necessary Award to the Zonal Office
Practical session on Adventure Activities could not be undertaken, since it was raining heavily, hence team building exercise was undertake followed by Lunch

After lunch Adventurous Journey session was undertaken by Dr.Leon Pereira-Committee member. Followed by Q & A session...Adventurous journey being the most popular section in the Award programme .Dr. Pereira strongly emphasized that this section should be carried out by Trained experience and by approved personal. Discussion was also taken on the Exploration, Expedition and Other Adventurous journey
After an early tea Mr. Aloke Bajpai and Mr. Juzer Shaikhally conducted a Q& A session. Also discussion was on Handicap students on the manner that they could also undertake and complete the Award Programme. Feedback forms were distributed and received back from all participants, followed by Valedictory function and distributing of certificates by Mr. Suresh Peshwani, Principal Sahani Bavin Hind High School, Pune. He also attended the workshop in order to understand the Award Programme.
Thanks to Award participants from Christ Church School who were with the team for the past two days.

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