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Reward yourself!

When you live up to your resolutions, you reward yourself. This is the Award Programme.

When you resolve or set a goal and try to achieve it, you really find this self satisfaction. You are rewarded for reaching your very personal goals, and have fun in doing so. What makes the Programme so special ... keeps things really simple. You do what you want, with whom you like, and at your very own pace. There is no greater reward than to live up to your own expectations.

Next time you commit to your own self, ensure you take the challenge and be motivated enough to wear the badge of the Award for life. 


Sandeep DuttNational DirectorThe Award Programme Foundation 
Member: The Duke of Edinburgh's Award International Association

Creating Committed Citizens
The International Award Programme has reached more than seven million young people in over 135 countries. Regardless of ability, gender, background or location, the Award enables young people to set off on a personal journey towards a better future. Find out how the Programme is creating committed citizens of the world.

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