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Compassion is Action

The term compassion implies genuine concern towards others. Being an educator, it’s one of the most important traits to be possessed. By being compassionate, one is able to look through the larger picture and not only just materialistic happiness. An educator shall be compassionate enough to understand and give what the students want rather than being involved in trivial day to day issues because when educators sow the seeds they shall reap the benefits. It helps the educators to address the issues of the students both locally and globally. An educator needs to be compassionate to understand the students stress, depression, anxiety and pain. To understand his students well a student needs to cultivate compassion and clarity in himself. 
Compassion is a key to inner happiness and a powerful way to spread the joy around. It is also part of our evolving definition of leadership. But in order to cultivate compassion, self-compassion has to be established, too. If an educator cultivates compassion then he can create an happy atmosphere in the school and leaves an experience of long lasting happiness on a student’s mind.

Our learning from “Can We Teach a Zebra Some Algebra “by Debashis Chatterjee
- Sharmila Vijaywargi, Usha Panwar, Bharti Rao & Krithika Rao
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