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The Power of Collective Intelligence

How Professional Learning Communities Respond When Kids Don’t Learn?
All we need to do is work hard to honour and organize the creative capacities of school-based teacher teams, of authentic “learning communities,” to live up to the mission and vision that glibly proclaim that “all children will learn.”

This will only be accomplished by systematically and aggressively identifying and solving problems as they merge; by creating “places of action, experimentation and a willingness to test ideas.

The stories of schools from the book, WHATEVER IT TAKES, featured schools encountered and solved these problems make for great reading. They worked on problems thoughtfully, collectively and continuously. These schools found a way, they worked while inventing, innovating and adjusting their way towards excellence.

An Unprecedented Challenge
“Quality teaching requires strong professional learning communities; they must become the building blocks that establish a new foundation for schools.” 

Professional learning communities (PLC’s) differ from traditional schools in following substantive ways: Shared Mission, Vision, Values and Goals.

Educators in PLCs embrace the notion that the fundamental purpose of school is learning, not teaching. 

My next post would be defining the School Motto, extracted from the book, WHATEVER IT TAKES.

~Ms. Rajeshree Shihag is the Principal of The Fabindia School. Her email address is principal@fabindiaschools.in

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