Tazeen Taxology

Abstract: This paper intends to explain the Model of Education“TazeenTaxology” approach to the implementation of the concepts in the classroom or I call it in a garden of knowledge. There are 9 approaches to it in inverted pyramid shape explaining the expanded view taking to the focus of the concepts with its results and follow ups.

Methodologies and Techniques:- The 9 Techniques are as follows:

  • Exploration
  • Identification
  • Description
  • Classification
  • Integrating similar Concept
  • Analyze
  • Apply
  • Results
  • Follow up

Exploration: The Concept delivery must first start with exploring of it's theme for example the child must explore the theme of the chapter first and then proceed with its concepts.

Identification: After exploring the theme of the Chapter, identity the topic to be delivered in the classroom.

Description: Describe the Identified topic in brief and explain its motive.

Classification: After Description Classify the topic in groups or themes.
Integrating similar Concept:- After classification group similar topics together. Integrate activities to the Concept

Analyze: Analyze the Concept activity and its Methods to delivery.

Apply: Apply the Concept and record the Application of the  process.

Results: Examine and record the results and follow revision Pattern

It helps children in understanding the approach of the concept and its detailed learning with cognitive understanding of the concept with exploring and enhancing the intelligences of the child through concept integrated learning activities.

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- Tazeen Jamal Siddiqui, fortazeen@gmail.com, Organisation: Mansha Educational Society

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