WHATEVER IT TAKES – Responses When Kids Don’t Learn

We must have the power to achieve a common curriculum by uncommon means. The motto of schools must be, “Success for every student”.
Schools must investigate the steps that might be taken to address the needs of students who were not being successful. The causes that were found are mostly common to all schools. 
Teachers felt; students lack study skills and good work habits and that, there are no incentives for good academic performance.
Parent’s perspective was a bit different; they felt enough feedback isn’t provided till it is too late and also because they are not educated they are unable to help kids with good work habits.
Students presented yet another explanation for their lack of success. They regarded class work as boring and questioned whether anyone at the school really took interest in them as individuals.
Looking at these angles to the same problem, we began systematic effort to better meet the needs of all students so that the school’s promise of “success for all” might be a reality rather than a slogan.
A few of the programs/initiatives put together were: 
Counsellor Watch; it wasn’t always academic deficiencies that led students to struggle. Some students had plenty of ability and potential but little motivation. Others faced emotional difficulties or family problems that impacted their achievements. The counsellor watch program was created to address this problem.
Proactive Student Registration; students were asked to identify academic goals as well as co-curricular they hoped to achieve. These conversations reveal a great deal about students and build personal connections between the counsellor and the student to boost their confidence to achieve.
Summer Study Skill Course; special summer school course to address the lack of study skills.
The Good Friend Program; to provide additional encouragement, support and attention to students who experience problems.
Addressing the motto, “Success for every student”, “Do we believe all kids can learn?” to address this question, “What are we prepared to do as a school when they do not learn?” has produced powerful benefits for students and staff. The school hasn’t achieved its goal, “Success for Each Student,” but staff members take justifiable pride in the powerful results their collective efforts have produced and they still look for additional ways to reach all students.
My next post would be discuss about the Overcoming the Logistical Barriers with patience and perseverance, extracted from the book, WHATEVER IT TAKES.

~Ms. Rajeshree Shihag is the Principal of The Fabindia School. Her email address isprincipal@fabindiaschools.in

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