David Geurin: Future Driven

I heard a keynote speaker at a major education conference proclaim, 'Innovation is overrated. We need to do the things we already know work in education.'
How would you respond to that?
For sure, some things in education and life are universal and unchanging. There are foundational principles that work in the background of our lives, regardless of how fast the world is changing.
But the world is changing fast, and we're in an innovation economy. It's new ideas that win the future. Shouldn't schools also reflect the direction the future is headed? Maybe we need to be firm in our principles and flexible in our practices.
Here are a few of the best articles I've read recently...
As machine intelligence and automation disrupt how we work, it's human-only traits that will become more and more valuable. The shift will be from cognitive to social skills.
Forbes details the shift from lecture-based learning to learning that has students actively engaged in solving problems. The ability to apply to learn to new and unfamiliar situations is critically important in an unpredictable and uncertain future.
Greeting students at the door have a number of benefits including increased student engagement. We challenge our staff to find ways to make the greeting extraordinary. Look to build stronger connections in each interaction.

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