The Brewing Knowledge Club - October Reflections

The sound of the train of the Brewing Knowledge Club shows that we are back to our old routine at school!
"An eager child or Enthusiastic teacher" was covered by Ms Veena Solanki. The students in the teacher's class are eager to learn something if the teacher is eager to share.  To make learning better, teachers can add enthusiasm, fun, and other elements as well, but that doesn't mean learning should stop. The teacher needs to make a good relationship with their students to give motivation, and the ‘boring' teacher is the one who is not able to recognize the eager child.

We see that if we want to change, we first need to change ourselves and Ms Monisha Datta made this more graceful by covering "Why Teachers are averse to change" when she boarded the train and shared her voice! Because teachers are playing a key role as changemakers they must update their methodology. As teachers are comfortable with their old teaching process, first they should change or update themselves, then they can change others. Why aren't teachers willing to change? Only a few people are interested in it, and they are doing it as a profession of chance and not of choice. They have lost their high place in history and culture, were stood long ago. 

And our trip into the 2nd Section...

Redefining Education and Learning.

The first station of the second section is called "Reading at the Heart of Education", we've seen a life-long passing in the command of Mrs Bharti Rao. It is possible to make the spark of reading come alive with more logic and relevance.

The energetic and very enthusiastic Ms Nibbrati Rathore took us to the next station “Innovation and Design” shared the pressing need for innovation by students.  The reason why 'Jugaad' is working during a running class is that the system focuses on marks or students doesn't feel safe, it can be changed by some motivation.

The best part of the reading club is reflections. Today's reading left me pondering for a while after the session and I can put my thoughts in the following 4 points.

1) Educators need to have fun while teaching while being at school, else they'll go mental; this rule is fundamental! 

But on a more serious note, we all need to remember the word fundamental begins with fun and includes mental stimulation and that's the key to being a good educator!

2) Educators are effective only when reflective

3) Reading is like Oxygen, we cannot survive without it!  Children and Educators need to read together, to grow together. Children are like seeds, they grow as per the soil, water and air provided to them and that soil, air, and water are their parents, community, and teachers. Their books are the sunlight that everyone needs! Encourage basking in the sun as this stimulates growth.

4) Finally, if the educator knows how to stimulate the students' minds, if they know how to have fun, if they are continuously researching and reading, nothing stops them from innovating. That's what Education is all about. Empowering our students to think differently and making it happen

It was a wonderful session. I'm looking forward to the next one.

Stay here for the endless learning experience, the club’s journey this month was passionate and we say, "Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost".

We will return soon with more graceful stations.

- Kunal Rajpurohit and Sukhpreet Kaur

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