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Fearful child

A fearful child needs identification in the first place as they may appear as shy learners who are perfectly comfortable but choose to interact in a limited manner. So to deal with a fearful child, it is essential to first identify one.

The educator must tread carefully to build a rapport with the child. The child can be asked why he/she feels scared to interact and try to find a reason why the child behaves the way he /she behaves. 

It is essential to keep the parents informed and aware of what we are doing at school for the child. The child might be behaving in a completely different manner at home. In that case, the reason for a fearful approach in school should be found by talking to the child. If the child behaves fearfully at home, the cause has yet again to be adjudged. The behaviour of siblings, friends, bullying if any, parents attitude etc. has to be taken into account.

In school, very subtly, the child can be given responsibilities, which will give him confidence. Small efforts should be acknowledged and positively reinforced. The peer should be sensitized too.

Impatient child

Values are caught than taught. When in front of our students, we have to be consciously patient. By we, I mean both educators and parents. 

I have dealt with many impatient learners from classes 1 to 9. 

First and foremost, I set rules of classroom behaviour, both as a class teacher and subject teacher. It generally includes rules like 'raising a hand before speaking, 'not interrupting', and 'waiting for your turn.

Another technique is to have a one-on-one session with the child, sensitizing them about how others feel if he/she is constantly disrupting. Talk to him/her about respecting others' rights.

I will also talk to the parents. The atmosphere at home is essential. I will learn about the family dynamics and see where the child's behaviour is getting reinforced. I will tell the parents to patiently and consciously deal with the child.

In school, I will ensure even small attempts at being patient are acknowledged and positively reinforced.

Also, patience is a virtue that will be discussed in class. Students will be encouraged to discuss situations where they encountered impatient people and how they felt. The key is to internalize the value.

Mridula Renjit
Roopa Bhattacharyya
Ahlcon Public School
JOL Cohort 2022

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