If I were an Educator - Rishona Chopra

Impatient and fearful, how do we handle the situation?

If I met an impatient and fearful student, situations I can think of with them are like this -

An impatient student - If a question is asked, they can't wait for their turn. They can't wait for other students to finish speaking or working in a team; they don't wait for anyone else and carry on doing their work without any regard that they have to work in a group.

A fearful student -  if they are afraid of being laughed at or are worried that they might fail exams and not do well in their studies.

If I were a teacher, then for the impatient students, I would try to give them a taste of their own medicine - by not being patient with them and then soon tell them that when you are patient and give others a chance, they also feel nice. Still, when you are impatient, it simply shows that you are being disrespectful to them. 

For the fearful students, I would tell them that all their fears are just in their minds. Fear is created in the mind. All you need to do is stop imagining to remove the fear. I would remind them of a Birbal tale - where Birbal was told to imagine that he is in a deep forest surrounded by hungry tigers and lions and has no weapon either, so what would he do? Birbal said in reply, "I would stop imagining". I would tell the fearful student that we were born to live and enjoy, even if they are laughed at, no one cares because you know what you are, and if it's about failing, real success is when you fail and then get back on your feet and try again.

If this were a real-life situation, I think I would be successful in helping the students, but still, I need more experience with children, so it might not really work with the impatient student, but it could with the fearful students. My advice to educators who want to inculcate these values in children is just that the only way is to relate with stories and real-life situations; you can connect with a Birbal tale or a Nassrudin tale; stories with values help to bring about values in children. My earlier class teacher used to tell several unique stories with values in the reflection period. Through her little tales and real-life experiences, understanding values and even Science was much more accessible!

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

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