Courage and Patience - Preeti Mahajan

A Fearful Student

I was teaching English in class 6. The children were new to the senior wing and were trying to adjust to the new environment. One boy used to occupy the last seat always. He never made any attempt to answer the questions. His reading skills were also poor, and when talking to teachers, he used to stammer.

Action taken 
The child was handled politely and told that all the teachers were there to assist and guide him. They are not to be scared of. His classmates were sensitized to help him overcome his fears and apprehensions. He was given positive reinforcement quite often. After a few weeks, a good change was noticed.

My advice to the educators
1. Observe the child's unusual behaviour for at least one week 
2. Establish a good rapport with the child.
3. Talk to him and allow him to open up.
4. Sensitize his classmates about his fears and apprehensions.
5. Make the classroom environment happy and comfortable.
6. If the need arises, talk to the parents.
7. Scolding and snubbing are a complete no-no for such children.
8. Friendliness and politeness can do wonders to make a fearful child a confident one.

An impatient student

I noticed a child in class 7 who exhibited fidgety and restless behaviour. He never waited for his turn to
answer the questions. He did not allow others to speak. During recess time, he also pushed others to make his way to the canteen.

Action taken
After observing him for a few days, I approached and counselled him for the misbehaviour. He was told about the invaluable virtual of patience in our life by giving examples. Regular follow-up was done to check his mannerism. In about a month, a positive change was noticed in his behaviour.

My advice to the educators
1. Observe the child's behaviour for at least one week.
2. If the child exhibits impatient behaviour or restless attitude, try to know the reason
3. Counsel him and state the disadvantages of being impatient in life.
4. Give him some extra work to occupy him.
5. Mind games and puzzles can also be employed.
6. Most importantly, don't lose your own patience while handling an impatient child.

Preeti Mahajan
Ahlcon Public School 

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