Honesty and Respect - Ruchi Chaudhary

Talking about Honesty and Respect, one name comes to my mind, a girl in class 10th, Shivika. Teaching her since class 8, have never seen such an honest girl with so much Respect in her eyes for every teacher.

Recently during her unit test, Geography, she was surrounded by many students who were disturbing her a lot by asking questions as she was concentrating on a topographical map; two students sitting nearby bothered her a lot so that she was not able to complete her test on time and the first time she got fewer marks. I asked her reason for not getting good marks, but she said nothing to me during the time of the parent-teacher meeting; her mother emphasized that please check why she got fewer marks in one subject only. After asking many times, she shared all about that day and said please do not blame the teacher who was on duty on the Geography test day, I saw Respect and honesty in her eyes, and I did the needful.

As a human being, we have a right to take a stand on a matter which is wrong around us. But together with this, we have to show Respect to the person who actually teaching us and helping us to make our future. Shivika showed the virtue of honesty when she explained the reason for not getting good grades in my subject, and she showed Respect for the teacher in whose presence cheating was going around in the classroom.

I feel so proud to be a teacher when I encounter such a good student. 

Ruchi Chaudhary
Mussoorie Public School

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