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Unity is the foundation of teams. One of the most important lessons to be learnt by children is to function in groups. The unit converts ideas and dreams, big or small, into reality. While individuals can create excellence in terms of art or even individual sports and often academics. It is only through teams that the larger vision can be realized, whether it is team sports, collective projects, dramatics, or even a musical program, it is through the teams that the children learn this.

In class 4, the students were given an SST project in which they had to represent one state of India. 4A decided to represent Punjab. Initially, there were differing views on how to carry out this project. As the teacher, the role was to steer the conversation to a fruitful outcome. After a lot of discussions, it was decided to do a) a folk dance of Punjab, b) a Punjabi song, c) foods of Punjab, and d) decoration. The class then divided themselves to do the activities.

Everyone helped learn songs and dance by sharing videos and teaching each other. Even the parents helped with the food and the preparation of dishes. This project was fun for all children, almost like a picnic, even though it was in the class. Children learnt how to cooperate, help each other, and work as a united team.

Caring is a natural instinct in almost all living beings. Even the most ferocious wild animals take care of their young ones. However, what sets human beings apart is their ability to care for even those unrelated and strangers. Caring is an emotion that can be and should be developed in all children in the school. A positive recognition and reward system would propel the children towards acts of caring and kindness.

As a teacher, I have set up a system through which, every Monday, I announce the name of the most caring child of the previous week. I also explained to the class what caring is and what acts would lead to their recognition as the most caring child, with the help of examples. This has brought about a very positive change in the children’s behaviour. Earlier, only the buddy used to share his/her tiffin when someone forgot. However, now, almost everyone offers their tiffin to that child. There is a child in class 3 who is losing her vision at a very rapid rate. So, the other children help her in all her school activities.

Caring and kindness are enduring qualities in human beings. And I hope that children will retain this caring attitude even growing up.

Roopa Bhattacharyya
Ahlcon Public School 

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