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When you have unity, it’s fantastic. When you don’t, it’s awful. Unity lightens the heart and brightens the day, an abundant source of joy and optimism, allowing even the most difficult tasks to be enjoyable. Unity represents togetherness. Therefore, it is standing together for every thick and thin matter. When we work together, we are motivated and encouraged to work harder. Also, we push each other to accomplish our goals, which is a significant motivational factor.

In this context, we have done a challenging activity in our classes IX and X. The move was that some groups were made from classes IX and X, and students were supposed to decide the best place for an excursion. All groups were given one week, and each group leader was supposed to prepare various pros and cons for an excursion to that place along with all the details. To my surprise, students had prepared excellent information for that place, such as location, travelling expenses, and refreshments. They beautifully linked that excursion to the related topics mentioned in their curriculum. So an excursion to Maple Camp was decided, full of adventurous activities. This excursion was full of joy and excitement, as this was possible only because of the unity of the students.

I am very thankful to the JOL Cohort for allowing me to share the experience of this beautiful activity.

No other experience better than this excursion can be there to share the best example of caring for each other. Each group leader was very concerned about his/ her team members and their teachers. It was a tremendous hand-holding for all of us. Each student came ahead to help another student, and how they motivated each other.

In the end, I would like to end with a quote -


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