Unity and Caring - Jaspreet Kaur

Unity:- The quality or state of not being multiple, the quality or condition of being one single whole, or the same if there is a unity of ownership of the immovable and movable.

In Grade V, I conducted one activity it is based on Unity. There are twenty students in my section. I divided the class into four groups and allotted them a  biography from an English book, asked them to prepare a PowerPoint, Sway Presentation,  Adobe Lesson and one with Nearpod.

Group 1- Made a exciting introduction PowerPoint on Malala Yusufzai. One student gathered the pictures, one student made the slides, and the other two students presented the slides.

Group 2- Made a Sway presentation at the beginning of the biography. They have shared the childhood events and the early life of Malala Yousafzai.

Group 3- Made an Adobe webpage on the contribution of Malala Yousafzai and which awards she has received. Why did she receive the Nobel prize at such a young age?

Group 4- Made the presentation on the Nearpod tool and shared the ending of the biography and what they have learnt from Malala’s life. 

I acted as a facilitator and guided the students about the topic, and I also told them how to work as a team. Students worked as a strong team and showcased their best communication and linguistic skills.  

Caring: - During the ‘Talent Hunt’ in our school, students of Grade V gave the duty to welcome and take care of all the esteemed guests and the kids who came for the Fancy Dress and Healthy Baby Show. Students took care of all the students from various schools in the city. Grade V students did their duty wholeheartedly. They helped us maintain discipline and distributed tokens to all the participants before their turn. On stage, they held the little hands of little champions and allowed them to stand in front of the mike. I guided the students to perform their duties. All teachers from other schools appreciated and thanked the Grade V  students as they performed their duties in a befitting manner. 

Jaspreet Kaur

Kamla Nehru Public School, Phagwara 

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