Unity and Caring - Laxmi Kant Bhatt

Unity is a state of mind which keeps a group bound with each other keeping their significant differences aside by compromising. It means staying together in the worst situations without stabbing each other in the back. If people understand the meaning of unity, they can withstand any condition.

In our everyday world, through struggles and hardships, caring can help us overcome many problems. Caring is a feeling or showing concern for or kindness to others. It can create a beautiful environment and help people feel happy and memorable.

In our school, the principal arranged an interclass competition for the students in which they had to decorate their classes according to the theme assigned to them. The theme decided was caring about the endangered species of the world. The time set for the competition was one week. The next day I got some important work and took three days off. I could not inform my class regarding the interclass competitions and be already behind.

On returning from my leave of absence, I informed the students about the competition and discussed the plan I had come up with them. The students improvised the idea, and they made certain groups for different purposes. The first group would do research, the Second would do the art and craft work, the Third group would do the writing work, and the fourth would do the presentation. As the time and resources were limited, I offered my maths lessons, and the students offered their personal stationery. The students used their time wisely, and within two days, they were done with their class decoration. The next day the judges visited every class, and the students in my class gave informative and formal presentations. During this period, the kids learned to work in a team without putting their differences in between. As the theme was about caring, they learned a lot about how caring can evolve a person's personality. They also discussed the issue with the judges and told them all the things they got to know and experience while working on this assignment.  

Therefore unity is a great thing which can make things possible over a short period, and how caring can help lift up people's moods and evolve people's personalities.

L K Bhatt
The Doon Girls' School

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